Why Choose Kate

Kate provides more than Real Estate expertise, she prides herself on giving her clients an elevated client experience and offers support throughout every aspect of the home buying and selling journey on a physical, mental and emotional level, never compromising on your best interests.

Kate’s foundation of exceptional work ethic and professionalism combined with her expertise in business, finance and insurance in NYC make her unstoppable.

Kate’s background in designing custom suits in NYC for the men and women of Wall Street have instilled in her the skill and attention to detail on the design which now translates into the remodel process, maximizing the value and vibe of your property.

A truly elevated experience with helicopter tours and air footage of your current and/or next property.

Using luxury staging, video and photography Kate captures all of the most beautiful details, combining your vision and hers to bring a story to life.

Kate doesn’t just have a real estate business and clients - she’s created a broad collaborative of friends, family, contractors, and all necessary parties to provide a seamless experience based on true connection, integrity and the best outcomes for all.

She has a rolodex of the best contractors including plumbers, roofers, architects to draw floor plans, videographers, helicopter tours, you name it, Kate can bring it to reality. She takes each property, makes it her own investment and truly puts her heart into it.

What initially drew Kate to Southern California was the lifestyle - with close proximity to the ocean for surfing and the mountains for snowboarding. What’s kept her here is the community. As a single mother she loves nothing more than family and community. It is a core value of hers to be truly connected and involved. This is apparent when you see her with her son, her thriving business based on friendships, her focus on health and wellness and the community supporting it, to her holiday traditions of helping the homeless.
Kate’s confidence combined with her expert knowledge of the local marketplace and effective negotiation skills enable consistent maximum results for her clients.